The Boss Lady

The Creator of Digital Magic

During the course of my career I have spent a fair amount of time gaining experience through various industries. With a career that started in a small business, progressed to medium sized companies and proceeded to span almost 8 years based at one of the world’s largest corporate companies. I have been very fortunate to gain well rounded experience, insight into how to run various businesses, and hands on exposure managing staff. Through these experiences, I have cultivated a combination of skills from excellent leadership abilities to interpersonal and communication skills. I continue to use these skills by monopolizing organisations available resources in facilitating brand awareness and creating an awesome social appearance, both internally and online.

At Bliss by Design my aim is to play an integral part in the transition of taking an organisations brand to the next level. Every day I get to do what I LOVE, which means I function at optimal levels, even when under pressure. My perseverance and results driven attitude give me clear direction to achieve objectives within any organisation. I enjoy taking initiative, with a fresh approach to existing ideas, making innovation part of my day-to-day practice. Not only am I a social media & marketing strategist, leader and creative thinker, I am also about the ‘numbers’ and believe that analytics and optimisation on all platforms is equally important. I am an analytical thinker and able to shift from my creative abilities to penning down structure and process. It’s all about maintaining, measuring and retaining! Social marketing mayhem is my passion!


Specialties: Strategy & Implementation, Marketing and Communications, Social Media Management, Communications (Online and Internal), Business Branding, Design, Media and Advertising, Article and Web write ups / Blogging, Research, Reports and Training, Web Design, Graphic Design, Copywriting.

A Personal Note

Being an Entrepreneur is an incredibly challenging & rewarding position to be in. I knew it would be something I would have to sink my teeth into and just hold on. Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of having my own business, loved technology and computers, and always expressed myself in creative ways. I was definitely considered the nerd in the room.


No one truly knows the hard work, discipline and frustrations that running your own business & doing it all yourself entails, unless they have been through it themselves. Yet it is the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced in my career. 

The late nights, the countless hours, the stress, frustrations and sometimes tears that happen behind the scenes. The doubling up on hours if you want to plan for time off, no such thing as sick days anymore. Weekends become fused with work days; they say screw the nine to five....well it becomes a timeless situation. Especially at the very beginning. 

BUT then when you land that client you have been hoping for, or you finish that new exciting project and the client tells you how ecstatic they are with the final result, it makes it all so WORTH IT. Waking up to making your dream a reality each day, is what it is all about. It is incredibly satisfying.

Over the past few years I have been through some incredible highs and lows on this entrepreneurial journey, and through it all my business Bliss by Design has survived & grown, essentially I have survived & grown. If there is one thing I am grateful to myself for, it is that I NEVER GAVE UP on the dream I bravely pursued in October 2016. There have been times where many people told me to close down and go back to an office job, that I was living a pipe dream, but I have always known that this is what I am meant to be doing, and I will build it into the expanded business I have always dreamed of! Building clients brands & developing future entrepreneurs along the way. 

Thank you to my incredible clients who have stood by me through it all, most of you have been with me from the start, believing in me and giving me a platform to showcase what I can do, supporting my dream and my livelihood... and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you also to all the past clients too, every project has been a blessing.

Collette Griffin