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Social Media Services

Social Strategy

Infuse your entire brand with a unified strategy, voice and look to maximize your return on investment. This is done by performing research, a competitive analysis, developing a buyer’s persona, and defining an effective content strategy. We will also develop advertising strategies and funnels for your campaigns.

Social Optimisation

With social media optimization, your business will have a viable web presence while helping you establish yourself in the eyes of your target audience. Give your brand the needed visibility while educating people about the nature of your business. Generate relevant traffic to your website and reach out to customers on a global level.

Social Marketing

We will build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic by publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements.

Social Management

Bliss by Design will manage all Social Media tasks for you on a daily basis and maintain a proactive presence. Including daily management and growth optimization, monitoring all social media activity (comments, messages, and reviews), responding within 24 business hours. In addition, we use organic tactics (hashtags, following, contests, etc.) to grow your channels.

Content Automation & Marketing

Content is king, and by creating and marketing eye catching content that provides valuable, helpful information to your audience, which in turn helps them establish trust and credibility in your brand, we will establish your brand as a leader in its industry. You’ll get content that attracts attention and generates leads, expands your customer base and generates or increases online sales.

Community Management / PR

It’s all about engagement! We will focus on developing, maintaining and nurturing great customer relationships. Managing the online customer service, responding to comments and engaging with the brand’s online community. In short, we will handle your social PR function by increasing goodwill towards the brand, building its reputation and establishing trust & authority within the online community.

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